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William A. Case

Mr. William A. “Bill” Case, 86, died Thursday morning December 3, 2015 in the SICU of Parkridge Hospital with complications arising from congestive heart failure.

He was proceeded in death by his wife of 54 years and the love of his life, Linda Case, nèe Roberson. 

His body was donated to Vanderbilt University to be used as a cadaver in assistance to the medical students and the medical program there as is tradition of his family. His body will eventually be cremated and returned to his family in the following months. 

Mr. Case is survived by sons William Raymond Case, Cole Roberson Case, and Scott Alford Case; and grandchildren Chelsey Case, Kaitlyn Case, and Dallas Case. 

A memorial service for friends, and family is being held Saturday, January 23rd at Pikeville United Methodist Church, beginning at 6 p.m. 

Mr. Case was born July, 5, 1929 in Patchoug, New York. He graduated West High School in Nashville in 1947, graduated Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1951, and began working on a Master of Arts at Peabody in 1952. He served his country in the US Army from 1952-1954, then went back to complete his Masters Degree in Arts at Peabody in 1954. From 1955-1956, he worked for a year-and-a-half as band director at Rhea County High School, moving in 1956 to Bledsoe County where he worked for 16 years as Band Director until 1972 when he began his lengthy term as principal, teacher and Superintendent of Dayton City Schools. In 1971, Mr. Case went back to TTU to finish work on his second Masters Degree in Music there.

He worked as an insurance agent from 1984 through 1991 for United Family Life before returning to work part time, serving as a beginning music teacher for 21 more years in the Bledsoe County Educational System. He officially retired from teaching in January 1984 but still worked with the Bledsoe County School System teaching Adult Education classes and beginning music classes to the children in all the county’s elementary schools until 2012. 

He attended the Pikeville United Methodist Church for the entire time he lived in Pikeville, serving as a Sunday School teacher and as the director of their choir for a great number of those years in collaboration with a great number of very talented singers and musicians.

Beyond those accomplishments, he was a man who put family above all other considerations, and no list of activities or accomplishments can encapsulate the life of this man not do these words justify what he meant to his family. In describing him the words pale and do little to recognize his worth or what his life was worth. Mr. Case lived his life for his family and there was nothing he ever put before them. There was more enjoyment and pride in him, more love shown and given to his wife and sons than to all his other endeavors combined.

His considerable efforts, whether in education, both in teaching music, helping to create the once remarkable Bledsoe County High School Marching Band, and through his efforts and faith considering those religious works, and how he expressed that faith musically through those acts and with the collaborative help of those in the choir at the Pikeville United Methodist Church, were always filled with his love.

He was a devout Christian, a passionate teacher of both musical expression and the sharing of his religious faith. A man that always displayed a flawless example of a work ethic, a humble, patient, generous and loving man, but the love he had and represented as a father surpassed the combination of all those efforts, of which he sought no award, nor accolade, neither expected thanks nor notice. 

A selfless Christian man has passed and his family, like his community will be less without him.

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