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Islam in America series continues

Lighthouse Pentecostal Church of Dunlap is continuing the Islamic Invasion in America series with Kamal Saleem, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, on Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m. This DVD series, taught by Saleem and Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, expert on Islamic terrorism, includes Islam Among Us, Infiltration of the Seven Mountains of Influence, Boots on the Ground – How the Government Has Failed to Defend America from Radical Islam, Unveiling Islamic Extremism in America, The Global Islamic Invasion, Ishmael Redeemed and Hope for Muslim Redemption. The church is located at 4274 Hwy. 28 South. For more information, contact Pastor Kevin Benoit at (423) 280-7489 or the church at 949-5629

Dec-30-17 All day