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Possible school threat investigated

The Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a rumor of a threat of violence to Sequatchie County Schools, Sheriff Bill Phillips stated Tuesday morning, November 14. The Sheriff said. “Precautionary measures are being taken to ensure everything possible is done to keep our children safe.”
A statement from Sequatchie County Schools on Facebook informed parents that extra police  are on the school campus today.
More information will be provided as available.

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  1. Amanda on November 14, 2023 at 8:56 am

    No! We only got and email an hour after parents had called the superintendent (who had no clue this was happening) the middle school told people they had not heard of anything, griffith elementary said that it was being investigated but our kids would be absent if they did not attend even though of the threat! Why put the kids and teachers in harms way!!! Come on, an hour it took to call it a rumor and more police presence. Dont lie to parents we all speak to one another to protect our children this so called statement should have been put out way before school started as it was known . You could have deliberately but our children and teachers in danger and this is not acceptable! This so called report from this paper is false on the things that have happened today! GIVE US THE TRUTH!

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