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Candidates for General Election announced, Republican Primary candidates to be named soon

Candidates running as independents in the August 3 General Election in Sequatchie County have been announced. Candidates running in the May 3 Republican Primary, which includes local races this year, are to be certified by March 3, Sequatchie County Register of Elections Jerrie Holland explained. Names of those candidates can not be released until certified by the Tennessee Republican Party. For more on the election, see the February 24 issue of The Dunlap Tribune.

Independent candidates:
School Board:
District 2: Gregory K. Johnson
District 4: Joann Shepherd
District 6: Marlene Basham, Keshia Hickman
District 7: Riki Odineal, Felisha Snyder
District 8: Debbie Adams

County Commission
District 1: Jon Morrison, Chester R. Shell, Gary Williams
District 2: Brian Ruehling, Bobby Sherman
District 3: Bill Hatfield, Jr.
District 4: Joyce Dotson, Ronnie Land, Ed Nunley
District 5: Jeff Barger, Paul Powell
District 6: June Dishman, Michael Hudson
District 8: David Hudson, Jr.
District 9: Jeff Mackey, Tom Vennero

District 1: Jeff Grant, Michael Lombardi
District 2: Dion W. Swafford
District 3: Michael Scoggins
District 4: Donald Custer
District 6: Kim Smith
District 8: William T. Lewis
District 9: Marty Tate

Road Superintendent: Eric Higgins

District Attorney General, 12th Judicial District: Mike Taylor

Public Defender, 12th Judicial District: Jeff Harmon

General Sessions Judge: L. Thomas Austin

Circuit Court Clerk: Rhonda Rheal

County Clerk: Charlotte Cagle

Register of Deeds: Kendra Boyd

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  1. Dale Harmon on May 1, 2022 at 1:40 pm

    I thought Dunlap had some Democrats and Republicans? Why are so many running as an Independent? For an election? Maybe they are scared. It is just confusing as to why so many are Running as an “I” and not as a R or D for voting. Please vote and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in SEQUATCHIE COUNTY.

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